Do you sometimes feel like God is ignoring your prayers?


I know, I have felt like this from time to time. Sometimes we pray and pray about something and we see no obvious change in the situation and wonder….is God hearing me?


I had an experience one night. I got up in the middle of the night to feed my newborn foster baby. I heard him stir and he was gearing up to start crying because he was hungry. I jumped out of bed and hurried down stairs to warm his bottle. I was trying to get back  to him before he started to full out cry. As I was doing this I heard him get louder and louder, more and more upset. Without him knowing,  I was still working very quickly to get everything set for his feeding. My heart was breaking as I heard his cries getting more hysterical by the moment. I couldn’t go any faster or do any more to get it to him sooner because there was a process to get it done.


In this moment, I heard God say “This is how it is when I’m trying to answer the prayers of my children”. When I heard this, It was like a light bulb went off in my head.


All the times that we are praying and praying for something to change in our lives but feel like God isn’t hearing our prayers or maybe even ignoring us, He is working in the background preparing for our provision. It may not be in our timing because there is a process that God follows to filling our needs and desires. Some of the reasons our prayers might not get  answered right away are :


   *Sometimes there are things that need to be situated in our lives for God to be able to bless us.


* Sometimes we are doing something that is blocking the blessing. The Bible says that God withholds no good thing to those who walk uprightly before Him. When we are sinning or being irresponsible, God cannot bless us because our behavior will actually block his blessings.


  *Sometimes God is saying “no”  to what we are asking for because it’ll hinder us. If our children ask us for something to drink and we know that it is a bottle full of poison, we will tell them “no”. But we can redirect them and give them some juice or something else instead. God is so much more loving than an earthly parent and He wants the best for us. He may close the door on one thing or say “no”, only to give us a better option.


I just want to encourage you today, to keep praying, keep believing, and know that God is working everything out for your good, for all that love Him.