Speaking Topics

  • Five steps to transformation

  • How to become an overcomer instead of a victim

  • How to gain healing over past hurts

  • Breaking bad habits to create a successful life

  • How to break the chains of dysfunction to become the parent you want to be

  • Successful parenting strategies

  • How health plays a part in a happy successful life

Denise Engelbrecht is the God given example of how to go from victim to victory over life’s circumstances. May God continue to bless you, your family, and your life changing ministry. I look forward to having Denise come and speak to my Human Service classes again.

Dr. Ebony Bowers

“Thank you!!! It was awesome! You touched so many people through your testimony.” 

Tembi Gray

International Praise Youth Group

Parenting Beyond Your Upbringing

Denise Engelbrecht writes about her personal journey of overcoming an upbringing of dysfunction and abuse. This inspirational book will help you, step by step, overcome all that might be standing in your way of being the parent that you want to be. Using Biblical principles, Denise walks you through the same steps she took to create the happy, healthy family she always wanted. No matter what your past has been, you too can overcome and gain victory in your life.